Gurunoun. \?gu?r-(?)ü, ?gü-(?)rü also g?-?rü\.  A spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation.

That’s how I look at it and what the purpose of this site is: to impart initiation. That is, to get people interested in science and especially weather. I have no idea if that’s what the Hindus and Buddhists mean by imparting initiation, but that’s what I mean!

My name is Tom Wright. I have been a professional meteorologist since 1995.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington. After college, I paid my dues for two years in the private sector, then I started working for a contractor for the department of defense. I moved on to work for the government itself in 2001 and have alternated between the two ever since.

I have experience forecasting for virtually any type of climate, but my expertise lies in mountainous, marine, and tropical regions. I spent seven years forecasting weather for U.S. Department of Defense mission operations on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands and three years forecasting fire weather as an incident meteorologist (IMET) for the National Weather Service in Montana.

I have briefed military generals, delivered live forecasts and discussions on large market radio stations, been interviewed on CBS and NBC national news programs, and was featured in a three-part series on wildfire on The Weather Channel. I have done a lot of research (some of which has been published) and I’ve spoken at national conferences. My career has taken me to such places as the Marshall Islands, the Grand Canyon, Glacier and Yellowstone Nations Parks, and Wake Island.

In addition to spending a lot of my career in the Marshall Islands and Montana, I also spent two years forecasting weather out on the high plains of Kansas. In that short time I saw many supercells, two tornadoes, a blizzard, a record-breaking rainstorm, and countless other meteorological wonders. The weather out there is incredible, and I wasn’t been bored for one minute. Now I live in western Oregon.

This blog is the intersection of my love of science and writing, and it is my attempt to pique people’s curiosity in the incredible things that go on in our natural world (the atmosphere in particular) at every moment. I will surely cover a lot of weather phenomena, but I am a general science geek with broad interests, and thus I will comment on any science related items I find interesting – and maybe something else every once in a while.